v. t.1.To dry by exposing to smoke; to expose to smoke.
[imp. & p. p. Infumated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Infumating.]
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The tegmina are boldly spotted in black, and the wings are almost transparent, slightly infumate, with brown longitudinal venation.
6x length of wing, disc almost hyaline except infumate behind base of marginal vein, mostly bare behind base of submarginal vein and densely setose elsewhere; the longest marginal seta 0.
9x as long as wide; disc slightly infumate and densely setose; the longest marginal seta 0.
Wings reduced, cycloid, greyish, infumate along their anterior edge and around their margins, with very coarse cross venation.
7x as long as wide; disc slightly, inconspicuously infumate, with an incomplete median row of setae and a few additional setae in the middle; the longest marginal seta about 3.
Generally lacking metallic highlights except some scattered, exceptionally faint, dark metallic blue highlights on mesosoma and head dorsally; wings weakly infumate.
Elytra if present densely reticulate, wings cycloid, blackish in color except in Bactrophora, where they are orange, and Mezentia, where they are sometimes clear, sometimes infumate.
Poecilocloeus: male cercus always curved dorsally; wings infumate but not colored; inferior aedeagal valves not wrapped around the upper valve.
robertsi the hind wings are infumate as in Poecilocloeus spp.