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a.1.(Zool.) Darkened with a blackish tinge.
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Forewing pale at base, infuscated beyond and with indistinct dark band in middle third of wing (Frankliniella insularis).
But in female, most of the third and fourth abdominal segments were infuscated by transversal line (fig.
Facial ridge with brown to black cilia above vibrissae; wing strongly infuscated or with spot around veins; head silvery tomentum 11 10'.
Hemelytron: corium pale yellowish orange with area anterior to costal fracture and cuneus transparent, sometimes slightly suffused proximal to cuneus, brown spot on membrane posterior to anal ridge, membrane transparent with faint infuscated areas in distal portion of membrane cells and on distal part of membrane.
Forewing either uniformly infuscate behind venation or with infuscated bands of various shapes and bearing darker setae; stigmal vein either with a thin or swollen stigma; postmarginal vein absent; submarginal vein with 1 seta; marginal vein with 3-4 setae; usually 1 seta present on stigmal vein and 1 at junction of parastigma and submarginal vein; disc sparsely or densely setose, or setae arranged in groups and/or tufts.
Wings hyaline, with faintly infuscated along costa and r-m.
6x as long as wide, weakly infuscated, with dense and moderately strong microtrichia; marginal cilia 0.
Frons uniformly colored, macropterous tegmina heavily infuscated on clavus and apical area M.
Scape mostly white, an infuscated band A fasciarius below apical third of marginal vein and sp.
7x as long as wide, weakly infuscated, with fine and very dense microtrichia; marginal cilia nearly 0.
pallidinervis (Becker) femora blackened except each distal end, fore tibia weakly infuscated with dark brown medially, mid tibia narrowly and hind tibia broadly blackened medially, all tarsi pale yellow (Japan; Thailand; China: Taiwan) 6'.