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n.1.A pasture or meadow; generally one lying low, near a river.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It was deh funnies' t'ing I ever saw," she cried, coming close to him and leering.
My Annie says deh shameless t'ing tried teh ketch her feller, her own feller, what we useter know his fader."
In the eastern sky there was a yel- low patch like a rug laid for the feet of the com- ing sun; and against it, black and patternlike, loomed the gigantic figure of the colonel on a gigantic horse.
Staring once at the red eyes across the river, he conceived them to be grow- ing larger, as the orbs of a row of dragons ad- vancing.
The big Alsatian talked loudly with his other customers, go ing from one little table to the other, and passing Falk's place of repose with his eyes fixed straight ahead.
To your shouted remonstrances against that extortion this towering trunk with one hand on the engine-room telegraph only shook its bearded head above the splash, the racket, and the clouds of smoke in which the tug, backing and fill ing in the smother of churning paddle-wheels be haved like a ferocious and impatient creature.
"You are the first men I've seen coming this way this morn- ing," said the lieutenant.
The respectable inhabitants of the place, men in golf and boating costumes, wives prettily dressed, were pack- ing, river-side loafers energetically helping, children excited, and, for the most part, highly delighted at this astonishing variation of their Sunday experiences.
Beyond the sea-wall there curves for miles in a vast and regular sweep the barren beach of shingle, with the village of Brenzett standing out darkly across the water, a spire in a clump of trees; and still further out the perpendicular column of a lighthouse, look- ing in the distance no bigger than a lead pencil, marks the vanishing-point of the land.
So determined was she that the boy should this time feel the weight of her wrath that, although she would not allow the marshal to interfere with his adventure, she got out a pencil and paper and wrote down a series of sharp, sting- ing reproofs she intended to pour out upon him.
The June rise used to be always luck for me; because as soon as that rise begins here comes cordwood float- ing down, and pieces of log rafts -- sometimes a dozen logs together; so all you have to do is to catch them and sell them to the wood-yards and the sawmill.
Half an hour later he was disappear- ing behind the Douglas mansion on the summit of Cardiff Hill, and the school-house was hardly dis- tinguishable away off in the valley behind him.