v. t.1.See Engender.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"This guilt is linked to someexpectations of what women are 'supposed' to do, even if they don'tagree with it," said Melissa Milkie, a sociologist specialising ingender at the University of Toronto.
Mr Selkirk tells me, that in November the Seals come ashore to whelp and ingender [sic], when the Shore is so full of them for a stone's throw, that 'tis impossible to pass through them; and they are so surly, that they'll not move out of the way, but like an angry Dog run at a Man, tho he have a good Stick to beat them: so that at this and their whelping seasons 'tis dangerous to come near them, but at other times they'll make way for a Man; and if they did not, 'twould be impossible to get up from the Water side: they lin'd the Shore very thick for about half a mile of ground all round the Bay....
The relation between the passions and humours is interactive: "Passions ingender Humours, and humours breed Passions" (Bamborough 64).
The leaves eaten raw ingender good bloud, especially in those that have lately been sicke." Borage, writes Stephen Harrod Buhner in Sacred And Herbal Healing Beers, is highly nutritive and traditionally used much like comfrey as a spring food and tonic herb.
"Moderately drunken, it doth acuate (sharpen) and doth quicken a man's wits, it doth comfort the heart, it doth scour the liver; specially, if it be white wine, it doth rejuice all the powers of man, and doth nourish them; it doth ingender good blood, it doth nourish the brain and all the body."
The passions and humors were known to be closely allied, as the English Jesuit Thomas Wright explains in The Passions of the Mind in General: the "Passions ingender Humours, and humours breed passions." (2) Guildenstern's locution thus returns us to a moment in the history of bodies, minds, and souls when bodily fluids could still carry the full weight of a character's destiny, a moment when dense causal networks linked body, mind, culture, and the physical world.