n.1.Natural gift or talent; ability; wit; ingenuity.
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The analyses through DGGE were performed in the Ingeny PhorU System (Ingeny, Goes, Netherlands).
The 17-year-old has signed to Ingeny Music and is hoping to "fill a gap in the UK market."
The remaining PCR products were subjected to DGGE on a PhorU electrophoresis system (Ingeny, Goes, Netherlands) with gels containing a linear formamide/urea gradient of 15 55%.
Ingeny has delivered a RIBA-accredited, CPD training course to a team of industry experts from alinea consulting.
Nick Mulholland, MEP Partner at alinea consulting LLP, said,"Ingeny was able to provide useful insight into the benefits available and processes involved with customer installation.
DGGE of PCR-amplified 16S rRNA genes was performed in the Ingeny PhorU system using urea--formamide denaturing gradients of 40-60% in a 8% linear acrylamide-bis-acrylamide (37.5:1) gel.