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Noun1.Inger - a member of western Finnish people formerly living in the Baltic province where Saint Petersburg was built
Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic, Soviet Russia, Russia - formerly the largest Soviet Socialist Republic in the USSR occupying eastern Europe and northern Asia
Russian - a native or inhabitant of Russia
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Inger StA[cedilla]jberg, Minister of Immigration and Integration of the Kingdom of Denmark: My impression is that the work is going very well.
Inger's work breathes humour: it's fresh and optimistic, ranging from comic and theatrical to earthy and organic.
Norwegian Inger Houghton, 31, who's has a legion of fans following on social media for showcasing her toned abs on Instagram just ten weeks after giving birth to her first child, Kaia, says pregnancy can never be an excuse to not staying fit.
Rod Thomas, head of the corporate team in Worcester, said: "I am delighted to have Inger back as a corporate partner.
Oey; "Protecting People in Protected Places," by Malin Gregersen; "On Mission in the Cosmopolitan World," by Maria Smaberg; "Religion, Relief, and Humanitarian Work among Armenian Women Refugees in Mandatory Syria, 1927-1934," by Inger Marie Okkenhaug; "A Nordic Hebrew Christian Center in Jerusalem?" by Seija Jalagin; "'Ecclesia Nidroseinsis' and 'Noregs Veldi.' The Role of the Church in the Making of Norwegian Domination in the Norse World," by Agnes S.
The court heard Gary Oyitch, who had gone to the match with Inger and Marian McCabe, 21, who also died, had been pushed into Inger during the crush and said he thought she had "gone".
"The clients always come first with Inger, who always works hard to ensure they are happy," says Brian McGuire, a Senior Vice President who leads Treasury Management Services for the bank, "and she takes care to practice the golden rule, treating clients as she would want to be treated."
Here she delivers a strong performance as a small town police officer with a drink problem and an aversion to the rules in Jason Stone's gritty crime thriller, based on the novel of the same name by Inger Ash Wolfe.
Inger Johanne Christiansen: The National Music Collection (Norsk Musikksamling) of the National Library of Norway.
BARDO, (TAP)- President of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) Mustapha Ben Jfar conferred, Thursday in Bardo palace, with Vice-President of the Middle East and North Africa at World Bank (WB) Inger Andersen, for whom "Tunisia now follows its path to democracy and is a model in this field", according to a statement of the NCA.
In the girls singles, Inger van Dijkman is eyeing the back to back titles after defeating Egypt's fifth seed Lasheen Habiba 6-4, 7-5 in her semifinal.