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Noun1.Inger - a member of western Finnish people formerly living in the Baltic province where Saint Petersburg was built
Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic, Soviet Russia, Russia - formerly the largest Soviet Socialist Republic in the USSR occupying eastern Europe and northern Asia
Russian - a native or inhabitant of Russia
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Inger made his breakthrough as a choreographer in 1995 after a successful dancing career with NDT.
Norwegian Inger Houghton, 31, who's has a legion of fans following on social media for showcasing her toned abs on Instagram just ten weeks after giving birth to her first child, Kaia, says pregnancy can never be an excuse to not staying fit.
Rod Thomas, head of the corporate team in Worcester, said: "I am delighted to have Inger back as a corporate partner.
Oey; "Protecting People in Protected Places," by Malin Gregersen; "On Mission in the Cosmopolitan World," by Maria Smaberg; "Religion, Relief, and Humanitarian Work among Armenian Women Refugees in Mandatory Syria, 1927-1934," by Inger Marie Okkenhaug; "A Nordic Hebrew Christian Center in Jerusalem?
The court heard Gary Oyitch, who had gone to the match with Inger and Marian McCabe, 21, who also died, had been pushed into Inger during the crush and said he thought she had "gone".
Inger Andersen confirmed the WB commitment to provide the necessary expertise to increase efficiency of local communities and decentralised administration.
Inger, having grown up on the northern shores of Sydney, has also got a fascination with the sea - and with history.
When she is old enough, it will be her decision," Inger said.
Not only are they surprised when I have to leave because Inger cannot sponsor me, but they are ignorant of the fact that I risk being turned away at the border as I could be perceived as an overstay risk.
HOLIDAY FUN: 18-year-old Wendy admires this oversized Easter egg in 1968; school pupils enjoy some Easter fun in 1981; and pastry chefs Mike Goddard, Mr Patzer and Pater Inger at Birmingham's Albany Hotel in 1981 with a 12-pound hot cross bun EGGHEADS: Mark Bywater, from Beaconside First and Middle School, in a competition in 1986 to find the best decorated and most original egg; and pupils from Ocker Hill Junior School in Tipton in 1984 HAT'S ENTERTAINMENT: Katie Niblett and James Crawford, both aged three, show off their Easter bonnets at Marlbrook Playgroup, Bromsgrove, in 1988 GETTING AHEAD: Christopher Stonehall, five, from Moons Moat School in Redditch, with an Easter chick on his head gear in 1985.
FOR 14 years Alan Inger has helped children in the city with disabilities and special needs.
The veteran s inger told NME: "I've spoken to Brandon.