Ingot mold

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When finished, quickly sort your bullets and return any with flaws to the pot, add any cut sprues and pour the remaining molten material into an ingot mold. After the ingots cool, scratch the alloy type into each somewhere--as in "No.
To make my casting process smooth, I set a cast iron ingot mold upside down under the furnace's lead spout.
A further finding is that both of these latter effects are strongly related to the degree of electrode immersion in the slag and to the relative diameters of the electrode and ingot mold. A further important variable has been found to lie in the current distribution between the electrode-ingot path and the electrode-ingot mold path.
Forecast of Western Europe's Gray Iron Casting Shipments (Thousand Metric Tons) Market 2007 2008 2010 2016 Motor Vehicle 2,025 1,954 1,133 2,037 Municipal/Building 738 712 500 742 Pipe Fittings 542 523 370 545 Machinery/Plant Engineering 1,279 1,228 850 1,287 Farm Equipment 350 336 235 352 Steel, Ingot Mold, Roll 138 132 77 139 Valves 254 244 170 256 Construction/Mining 250 240 139 252 Appliances 110 106 61 111 Engines 364 349 202 366 Other 426 421 370 401 Total 6,476 6,245 4,107 6,488
The ASTM A48 Class 20 iron ingot mold casting's pour weight of 360,000 lbs.
Russia's market share in worldwide production is forecast to decline from 8% to 7.2% as ingot mold tonnage drops and conversion to aluminum increases.
Ingot Molds - Domestic ingot mold shipments continue to decline as continuous casting grows, despite the increase in U.S.
Is the cupola destined to the same fate as the ingot mold, or is there still a place for this foundry icon?
The passing metal then flows into a nomograph (a 10-stepped ingot mold).
This drop off is based on lower ingot mold, soil pipe, valve and fitting, farm equipment, and construction equipment sales in the last quarter.