v. t.1.See Engross.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Nor had she, like many persons of great intellect, confined herself to theory, or stopped short where practical usefulness begins; inasmuch as she could ingross, fair-copy, fill up printed forms with perfect accuracy, and, in short, transact any ordinary duty of the office down to pouncing a skin of parchment or mending a pen.
makes a right to them, then any one may ingross as much as he will.
The FSMB is a private, tax-exempt corporation, with $45 million ingross revenues in 2013.
Cement sector posted strong earnings during 3QFY15 with 2-5pp growth ingross margins.
I in thy nose will put an Iron ring, And leade the[e] vp and downe the Towne to sing, To Feasts, and Market, Wakes, & Sturbridge faire, And then to euery place with me repaire, I would aduance a faire ingrossed bill, That in these words should promise wondrous skil.
On 2 May it was reported in the Commons journal that, "An ingrossed bill for encouraging the trade to Newfoundland was read a third time." The bill passed, and was given the title, "An act to encourage the trade to Newfoundland." Francis Gwyn was ordered to carry the bill to the Lords to ask for their approval.