Inguinal ring

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Then a scrotal ultrasonography was undertaken and it confirmed cryptorchidism of right testis located at the level of right internal inguinal ring and the suspected diagnosis of agenesis of the right epididymis.
The External Oblique Aponeurosis (EOA) is then incised along the line of its fibres in line with the upper crus of the superficial inguinal ring [Fig.
The first was in the upper pelvis just posterior to the right internal inguinal ring. Two additional masses were noted superiorly along the right abdominal wall, adjacent to the liver (Figures 2, 3, and 4).
They pass through the deep inguinal ring of the corresponding side and then become constituents of the spermatic cord.
Inguinal hernia is the abnormal protrusion of a part or whole of the viscus through the inguinal canal either via the deep inguinal ring (55%) or directly through the posterior wall (30%) of inguinal canal or both (15%).
On USG examination, we found bilateral empty scrotal sac with bilateral small testes (RT-14x4.9mm and 12.8x4.4mm) lying adjacent to superficial inguinal ring. On hormonal examination, we found low level of testosterone (11.52 ng/dl), normal FSH (2.25 mIU/ml), slightly low LH (0.319 mIU/ml), and normal TSH (1.31 mIU/ml), PRL (3.43 ng/ml) and cortisol (6.48 mcg/dl at 8 AM) level.
RESULTS: All children below 12 years who presented with undescended testis located in the inguinal canal and superficial inguinal ring were included in this study.
Schier in his laparoscopic experiences advocated the use of a laparasocopic technique to completely resect the patent processus vaginalis and the parietal peritoneum surrounding the internal inguinal ring. This allowed the peritoneal scar tissue to close the area of the ring.
(3) We herein present an infrequent complication, incarcerated Meckel's in deep inguinal ring (Littre's Hernia) that only became evident during surgery.
PROCEDURES [2]: The aim of surgery is to reduce the hernia and hernia sac within the abdomen and then place a 10 x 15 cm mesh just deep to the abdominal wall, extending across the midline into the retropubic space and 5 cm lateral to the deep inguinal ring. The mesh covers Hasselbach's triangle, the deep inguinal ring and the femoral canal.
Greater Omentum was found occupying the right iliac fossa with pus, on further dissection, a Perforated Appendix was found adherent near the internal inguinal ring (fig-3).
Tanner Slide with Darning Repair: After doing standard herniotomy, upper leaf of external oblique was retracted upwards, and a 3 centimeter incision made over internal oblique and rectus sheath, and then continuous Vicryl single '0' sutures from public tubercle to conjoint tendon, arching fibers of internal oblique to cooper's ligament, up to deep inguinal ring and then sutures were crisscrossed from lateral end to medial end; darning appeared like mini mesh.