Inguinal ring

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Mechanical venous obstruction occurs owing to a compressed cord by a hernia, leading to the swelling of the cord from the internal inguinal ring outward toward the testis.
In group B, the IIN was cut sharply with a blade 1 to 2 cm lateral to the deep inguinal ring.
Indirect form of inguinal hernia is characterized by the presence of a protruding peritoneal sac through the deep inguinal ring.
In addition, the processus vaginalis, an evagination of the parietal peritoneum, elongates through the internal inguinal ring between the internal and external oblique muscles, creating a path for the descending testis to reach the scrotum.
The cord structures were ligated at deep inguinal ring and a high orchidectomy was carried out.
SUMMARY--The bilayer patch device (Ethicon, Prolen Hernia System[R]) for inguinal hernia repair has a connector that acts as a ,plug' in the internal inguinal ring.
Extracorporeally, the 3[sup]# thread and 1[sup]# thread were pulled simultaneously [Figure 2]h to remove the 2[sup]# thread [Figure 2]i; in this step, the 2[sup]# thread was placed around the inguinal ring under the peritoneum and both ends exit the skin through the same puncture point and tunnel.
Then a scrotal ultrasonography was undertaken and it confirmed cryptorchidism of right testis located at the level of right internal inguinal ring and the suspected diagnosis of agenesis of the right epididymis.
Diagnostic criteria of Inguinal Disruption (6) Clinical diagnosis of Inguinal Disruption (ID) can be made if 3 of the following 5 signs are present: 1 Pinpoint tenderness over the pubic tubercle at the point of insertion of the conjoint tendon 2 Palpable tenderness over the deep inguinal ring 3 Pain and/or dilation of the external ring with no obvious hernia evident 4 Pain at the origin of the adductor longus tendon 5 Dull, diffused pain in the groin, often radiating to the perineum and inner thigh or across the midline
The lesions showed continuity through the internal inguinal ring and extended to parauterine space and myometrium (Fig.