v. t.1.See Enhance.
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Diet and the risk of head and neck cancer: A pooled analysis in the INHANCE consortium.
The Desired Systems Will Replace The Current System, Inhance And Integrate With Current And Anticipated Town Systems, Including Sensus Autoread Amr And Future Sensus Flexnet Ami, Munis, Accela Automation And Gis.
Welcoming the signing, the minister said: "I am pleased to announce the signing of this contract agreement with Vanderlande Industries BV at a contract value of BD 11,687,583($30,972,095) to inhance BIA's operations and passenger experience.
Donohue JF, Fogarty C, Lotvall J, et al; INHANCE Study Investigators.
This particular analysis used data from 10 case-control studies (3 from Europe, 6 from the US and 1 from Asia), which provided information on vitamin E intake derived from natural sources to the INHANCE consortium.
A genomewide association study of upper aerodigestive tract cancers conducted within the INHANCE consortium, PLoS Genetics 7:e1001333, 2011.
Jonathan is taking four entries, the Charolais bull Tweeddale Ivanhoe and Charolais heifer Tweeddale Ilucia and British Blue heifers Tweeddale Inhance and Tweeddale Hawkeye, which was Reserve Junior Champion at the Great Yorkshire last year.
Thou, whose sweet youth and early hopes inhance Thy rate and price, and mark thee for a treasure; Hearken unto a Verser, who may chance Ryme thee to good, and make a bait of pleasure.
More than 1,000 customers across seven businesses: Advanced Utilities Solutions, Cayenta, Cogsdale, inHance Utility Solutions, MeterSense, NorthStar Utilities Solutions and Systems & Software, depend on Harris Utilities' solutions.
The discussions centred around which players should be shipped out of Ibrox in the close season and v the priority targets Le Guen has identified to inhance his squad.
How should the profession sustain and inhance the competence of its members in the face of exraordinary transformations in biomedical knowledge and technologies?
To inhance the likelihood of obtaining a favorable result, each protest application should be handcrafted to include the analysis and supplemental documentation discussed below.