(ˈɪnˌhɔːl) or


(Nautical Terms) nautical a line for hauling in a sail



also in′haul`er,

a line for hauling in a sail, spar, etc., for storage after use.
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Rail crossover between the inhaul lines of wt-i & ii 500 mw chp of tps khaperkheda.
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Repair work will be carried out on the three hot blast stoves, inhaul conveyor systems and the high level bunkers.
Tenders are invited for procurement of spares for chp siding to lay crossover between inhaul of w/t - 1 & 2 of chp 2 (500 mw) at tps khaperkheda.
Tenders are invited for MTPS-I-CHP-I-Clearing of coal powder choke from dust extraction hoppers, clearing of spilled coal from inhaul and outhaul track lines and operation of third wagon tippler & conveyor I to IV for the period of 90 days.
Tenders are invited for Providing pavement concrete around high masts in Marshalling yard at inhaul side at RTPS
Tenders are invited for Recasting of damaged civil foundation of line/drive shaft non drive end of wagon tippler#4(chp2x210mw) including allied civil work for replacement of damaged foundation bolts & repairing of its nearby area, repairing of damaged civil foundation of line shaft out haul side of wt#1 including allied civil work, repairing & strengthening of civil foundation of gear box inhaul side of wagon tippler #1, chp2x110 mw, ptpp, parichha
Tenders are invited for Recasting of Damaged Civil Foundation of Line/ Drive shaft Non drive end of Wagon Tippler#4(CHP2X210MW) Including Allied civil work for replacement of damaged Foundation Bolts & Repairing of its nearby area, Repairing of Damaged Civil Foundation of Line shaft out haul side of WT#1 including Allied civil work, Repairing & strengthening of Civil Foundation of Gear Box inhaul side of Wagon Tippler 01.
Tenders are invited for MTPS-I-CHP-I Replacement of worn out load cell pedestal at inhaul & outhaul side and applying steel protective coating for load cell pedestal and its allied works in Wagon Tippler III.
I- Mech-II - CHP-I Deep screening and through packing and 40mm hard broken stone ballast deficiency make up work and removing the existing rails, grinding the elongated / bulged edges in Wagon Tippler-V inhaul side from Point No:123 upto Wagon Tippler-V table including Point No:123.
Tenders are invited for Round the clock complete mechanical maintenance of wagon tippler # 1&2 and beetle charger systems of inhaul & outhaul sides of coal handling plant of 2x110mw to ensure their smooth running and availability for uninterrupted coal unloading from tipplers of chp 2x110mw for one year