Inhibitory nerves

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(Physiol.) those nerves which modify, inhibit, or suppress a motor or secretory act already in progress.

See also: Inhibitory

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Older adults are at greater risk for developing neuropathic pain because of fewer inhibitory nerves, lower endorphin levels and a slowed capacity to reverse processes that sensitize nerves.
Stimulation of the inhibitory nerves causes hyperpolarization of valve muscle fibers and relaxation of the valves.
1985), and the activity of the inhibitory nerve to the CA valve of the artery supplying hemolymph to the swimmerets is coordinated with the activity of the swimmerets themselves (Fujiwara-Tsukamoto et al, 1992).
17] As the pain fibers grow and make new connections, the pain spreads and persists while the inhibitory nerves which serve to dampen messages of pain are slowly destroyed and the neurochemical systems related to control of EAAs, serotonin, norepinepherine, opiates and GABA become dysfunctional.
In isolated hearts, stimulation of the accelerator nerves speeds the contraction rate, and stimulation of the inhibitory nerves slows or stops the heart (Maynard, 1953; Florey, 1960; Wilkens and Walker, 1992).
In the absence of the dorsal excitatory and inhibitory nerves, the regulation of the heart activity can occur only via hemplymph-borne factors.
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