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A privately owned parcel of land within the boundaries of a federal preserve, especially within a national park or national seashore.

in′hold′er n.
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(Law) property law a piece of privately owned land inside a federal reserve such as a national park
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(ˈɪnˌhoʊl dɪŋ)

a tract of land under private ownership within a national park.
[1970–75; Amer.]
in′hold`er, n.
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The second type of land is "inholdings," meaning private land that, primarily found in northern Wisconsin, is surrounded by public land.
Corporations possessing inholdings in areas which are now defined as
private inholdings and ensure timber production on nearly 17,000 acres
Additionally, fragmentation is caused by differing forest management practices of the many private inholdings.
Apart from reducing the overall size, the next president may determine that a given monument with a patchwork of private inholdings is better protected by concentrating the monument within the federal land that the government owns and controls.
These private inholdings were interspersed within public lands (land owned by the public and managed by government agencies), including small state wildlife management areas and large tracts of federal land comprising the George Washington National Forest.
(c) Many swollen mitochondria situated between the extensive inholdings (arrow) of the basolateral plasma membrane (*) that create the lateral cell processes of distal tubules become dilated and exhibit a crista disarrangement and partial cristolysis.
Sharon Mader, Grand Teton program manager, to The Associated Press after NPCA and several partners filed lawsuits challenging a decision by the Park Service to allow Wyoming to manage wildlife on privately owned "inholdings" in Grand Teton.
Section 707 of ANILCA states that "except as otherwise expressly provided for in this Act, wilderness designated by this Act shall be administered in accordance with applicable provisions of the Wilderness Act governing areas designated by that Act as wilderness." (62) But ANILCA allows numerous activities that would otherwise be prohibited in a wilderness area: subsistence activities, mineral assessment, access to inholdings, sport hunting and fishing, and motorized access for traditional activities.
On 4 September through 6 September 2013, while conducting nighttime spotlight surveys of private conservation inholdings within the study area, we observed an American badger and San Joaquin kit fox in proximity to one another on three occasions at two locations separated by approximately 24 km.
This concept arises out of a discussion regarding the confusion caused by the presence of private land holdings scattered across the Mojave Preserve, which "between the State and the private inholdings, [is] about 10 percent of the total area.