n.1.Initiation; beginning.
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I don't want to be skinny and I don't want a six-pack - I just want health and some def-def inition.
One proposal to relax the serious injury threshold, A2362 by Assemblyman Titone and S880 by Senator Bonacic, would not merely update the current def inition of 'serious injury' to reflect modern medical technology," Melchionni said.
This has led Toshibo to partner with Inition, a production firm that holds expertize in using emerging technologies to generate unique interactive experiences and installations.
This is in contrast to Declaration of Alma-Ata which reaff ir med the WHO def inition of health including mental health as an integral par t and urged signatories to incor porate the concept of primar y health care in their health systems1.
Eukariytioc inition factor 4E availability regulates skeletal muscle protein synthesis during recovery from exercise.
As it is impossible for someone to offer us an ab inition, a miracle and functional formula of the future welfare state architecture, we can only deal with the actual European formulae of the state of providence, and with the causes which determined its downfall, in order to discover the directions which this can follow in order to become viable without getting into conflict with the economic competitivity and the free market's laws.
29 May 2012 a[euro]" British IT services company Parity Group plc (LON:PTY) said today it had taken over three-dimensional (3D) technology firm Inition Limited for up to GBP3.
While McLaughlin's colleagues Chris Cornish of Inition and Tom Lomax of University College London were busy capturing the vital digital imaging data on the other side of the room, Jenkins turned to McLaughlin and said, 'I know you have all these theoretical ideas which are very interesting, but really it's all about the horses.
3D specialist Inition, which worked on 2009's RBS 6 Nations, advised Boomerang through production and will continue to do so through postproduction.
Leaders are also calling for the Government to promote all new posts in the public sector as flexible and part-time, set out a national def-f inition of flexible working to provide clarity to small businesses and create a childcare bond to provide sustainable childcare for families.