Injection pipe

the pipe through which cold water is through into the condenser of a steam engine.

See also: Injection

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Recently, with the Guangzhou Huade company, "Ma - Canton" (Huizhou Ma Bingzhou Island - Guangzhou Huangpu) the southern section of the old pipe of the last pipe slurry injection pipe, grouting port valve closed, Marking the completion of the decontamination disposal of abandoned pipelines in Guangzhou Petrochemical Crude Oil Pipeline Project.
said Tuesday it will recall a total of 491 Aero Midi and Aero Star buses as a defective fuel injection pipe installed on both models could lead the engine to catch fire.
incorrect injection pressure due to partial plugging of injection pipe.
Once the plastic has been crushed to a size that can be handled it is added through the same injection pipe and at the same time as the coal," said Prof Sahajwalla.
It was against this background of applied welding technologies that British Gas Engineering Research contacted QAWT, in 1994, to participate in the development of a jointing system for PE lined Water Injection Pipe.
At times while being driven into the soil with a pneumatic pipe driver, the injection pipe would quickly drop as much as two ft as it passed through large soil voids.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Auxiliary Engine Stx Man B&W L16/24, 660kw, 1200rpm Aest0003 , Spare-Piston And Connecting Rod, Plate No-50601-28h Sup0007 , Spare-Cylinder Liner, Plate No-50610-03h Sup0012 , Spare-Roller Guide And Push Rods, Plate No-50801-13h Sup0016 , Spare-Fuel Injection Pump, Plate No-51401-25h Sup0066 , Spare-Fuel Injection Valve, Plate No-51402-26h Sup0069 , Spare-Fuel Injection Pipe, Plate No-51404-17h Sup0072 , Auxiliary Engine Stx Man B&W L16/24, 660kw, 1200rpm Aest0003 , Spare-Fuel Injection Pipe, Plate No-51404-17h Sup0072
As1000 Rsup00411 Maker: N/A 4 106 O-Ring Pc/Each Subsystem: Spare-Parts List For Fuel Injection Pipe Block.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles due to possible leaks in the injection pipes that can lead to presence of a 'foreign smell' or 'seepage of small amount of fuel'.
In MTU's EGR setup, regulating valves on each exhaust manifold control the number of cylinders that "donate" their exhaust-on the 12-cylinder model, for example, up to four cylinders may feed exhaust gas into the EGR system, where it is first sent to an EGR cooler and then to the intake manifold via EGR injection pipes.
The company also offers small-diameter welded injection pipes from its mills in Corby, Northamptonshire from 2-to 6 5/8-inch.