Ink bag

(Zool.) an ink sac.

See also: Ink

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5 Containers and compatible ink bag to mammals vacuum 1l
DST will supply a pre-programmed smart chip card with every ink bag.
has released alternative ink bags for Valuejet 1624 and 1638 with eco-solvent ink.
FLARE comes in the full portfolio of Reactive Acid ReAcid Disperse Sublimation and Pigment inks in 2 kgs cans as well as SPGPrints patented ink bags.
It pioneered printing inks for wide-format printers, ink bags and cartridge chip solutions, bulk ink feeding systems, and print head recovery systems.
The cartridges and ink bags supplied by DST are filled using the company's proprietary degassing technology which ensures the ink is completely free of dissolved gasses, which in turn guarantees its exceptionally stable performance.
FLARE comes in the full portfolio of Reactive, Acid, ReAcid, Disperse, Sublimation and Pigment inks, in 2 kgs cans as well as Stork Prints' patented ink bags.
It also markets pre-filled ink bags, Mutoh Chip Chargers and Smart Cards, and Mimaki/Roland Chip Resetters and Chips.