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ink·jet printer

A printer that forms an image by using electromagnetic fields to guide electrically charged ink streams onto the page.
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DiamondBridge is a data interface system designed to improve security and quality on production lines that utilize ink jet printers for the purpose of marking and coding products.
Videojet[R] 2330 and 2310 large character ink jet printers provide reliable on-line printing on secondary packaging, such as corrugated boxes and cases.
Klass noted that demand for ink jet and digital-printing papers is growing rapidly as color ink jet printers become the dominant printers in both homes and offices.
Ink jet printers dominate the office and consumer markets, but have not penetrated into industrial use applications.
Shipments of ink jet printers rapidly increased in 1999 and 2000 due to their high-quality printing, favorable sales of personal computers and increased use of the Internet, Gartner said.
Mark-O-Print are launching three new products and showing their established range of coders and ink jet printers.
Partly as a result of Canon's innovations, sales of ink jet printers have soared past their laser counterparts.
The 1 to 6 ppm monochrome page printer market continued to deteriorate worldwide in 1999 as ink jet printers continued to compose a larger percentage of the overall market and very low-end page printers continued the move up the speed/functionality curve.
Industrial ink jet printers with resolution of 360 dpi (more than enough for passive displays) and three-inch print heads can deposit an LEP layer at 22 inches per second.
This week, Canon Computer Systems and Lexmark are introducing new color ink jet printers.
Early attempts to place traceable marks on uncured rubber with ink jet printers In the mid 1990s there were notable attempts by several ink jet printer manufacturers to mark uncured rubber with pigmented ink.