Ink plant

(Bot.) a New Zealand shrub (Coriaria thymifolia), the berries of which yield a juice which forms an ink.

See also: Ink

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The investment in the ink plant expansion is another step towards SPGPrints' goal of making digital the mainstream printing technology for textile applications.
For instance, a couple of the other large ink producers,Torzhok Printing Ink Plant in Tver Oblast and Nord Ink Company located near St.
In 2004, he oversaw completion of the new modern metal decorating facility in Charlotte, NC that produces ink for customers around the world, Four years later, he did the same for the new liquid ink plant in Homewood, IL that produces water-based technologies.
The annual gathering begins Friday at noon with a tour of either the Cincinnati Enquirer plant or the US Ink plant.
According to BKPM, there was only one investors indicating interest in building new printing ink plant in the past three years.
Domino is now planning the implementation of ISO 14001 at its US ink plant in Chicago.
Contractors working on a new pounds 30 million ink plant accidentally spray- painted motors sitting safely in a long-stay car park.
SPGPrints develops and manufactures its own inks at its ink plant in Boxmeer, the Netherlands.
In 2015, Toyochem Specialty Chemical in Malaysia began construction work to expand its offset ink plant with a new line," Nakano reported.