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Variant of Inca.
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Noun1.Inka - a member of the Quechuan people living in the Cuzco valley in PeruInka - a member of the Quechuan people living in the Cuzco valley in Peru
Kechua, Quechua - a member of a South American Indian people in Peru who were formerly the ruling class of the Inca empire
2.Inka - the small group of Quechua living in the Cuzco Valley in Peru who established hegemony over their neighbors in order to create an empire that lasted from about 1100 until the Spanish conquest in the early 1530s
Peru, Republic of Peru - a republic in western South America; achieved independence from Spain in 1821; was the heart of the Inca empire from the 12th to 16th centuries
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2) El tratamiento de Wachtel esta tambien reproducido en su Sociedad e Ideologia, 130-35, 1973, mientras un estudio moderno de la arquitectura inka en el lugar es Niles (1999).
Estos Inka cashinahua, que tambien se encuentran entre otros grupos pano, siempre han intrigado a los historiadores.
The Inka Porter Project has come a long way since it began, thanks to the insight and commitment of an inspirational traveller who, with the right support, is aiming to ensure Peruvian porters aren't left out in the cold.
John Topic, Theresa Topic, and Alfredo Melly Cava's "Catequil" presents a sophisticated study combining archaeological, toponymic, and archival research to reconstruct the origins and spread of the cult of the Catequil oracle from north highland Peru into highland Ecuador during the Inka expansion.
The Cuzco School utilized the talents of artisans brought to the city, the capital of the Inka Empire called Tawantinsuyu, by the Inka nobility as early as the fifteenth century.
has introduced the new System INKA full color eight-page brochure.
Inka Presswood Pallets Ltd have developed space-saving, nesting style pallets that provide an alternative to standard timber pallets.
North Georgia Mountains: Inka Spirituality Workshop: Peruvian master shamans in GA to give Inka Spirituality workshop.
The group comprises the business operations of the former companies JW Suominen Oy, Amerplast Oy and Inka Oy.
Inka Bodies and the Body of Christ: Corpus Christi in Colonial Cuzco, Peru.
around 1535), son of Guaman Mallqui de Ayala, a person of prominence in the provincial Peruvian Yarovilca culture, and Curi Ocllo, the daughter of Tupac Inka Yupanqui, the tenth of the twelve rulers of the Inka dynasty.
INKA PAREI'S NARRATOR, the titular "shadow boxer," begins by describing the apartment house in which she and the neighbor across from her are the only remaining tenants.