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Other occupiers on this prime site include Tesco, Co-op, Exel Bridgestone, Mastercare, DHL Exel Supply Chain, Richard Austin Alloys, Inkfish and Domestic & General.
Steve Garbett, operating officer for Inkfish Services, Domestic & General's subsidiary company, joined them to present long service awards.
Also as part of the service Inkfish will provide call centre support while Servista will supply customer care and billing services.
Biggest local employers: American Express, Legal & General, Lloyds TSB, Telegen, Inkfish, Kimberley Clark.
Any cheque should be made payable to Inkfish Services.
Oarfish and their relatives--which have common names as fanciful as unicornfish, inkfish, and tube-eyes--make up the order Lampridiformes.
But the group's Slough office, where its third party call centre business Inkfish is largely based, is under threat following the division's loss of a Post Office contract earlier this year - a move which could cost it up to pounds 1.
INKFISH Services, at ProLogis Business Park, off Bennetts Road, in Keresley, Coventry, has created 20 new jobs.
The Post Office has also formed agreements with call centre company Inkfish to provide call centre support and customer care and billing services supplier Servista for customer care and billing services.
However, it said it was holding a strategy review for its third-party call-centre side after the Inkfish operation recently lost a contract with the Post Office, costing it up to pounds 1.
IT WAS back to the floor for top brass at direct mailing centre Inkfish in Coventry.
A new, 56,000 sq ft direct mailing facility has been created for Inkfish Services, which has moved from its old site at Cross Point, Walsgrave.