Inking roller

a somewhat elastic roller, used to spread ink over forms of type, copperplates, etc.

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In the latter case, where the covered inking roller is running against an anilox roller, the outperforming mechanical performance of a PU covering versus a traditional rubber covering results in extremely long service time and excellent inking capabilities, Hannecard highlighted.
We do test a lot of products here," he continued, pointing to current work with a new anilox inking roller (as it happens, also from a Canadian company).
The Goss system mixes ink and water in a compact on-press unit that feeds the single fluid into the inking roller train.
The Goss digital press was also the first demonstration of the company's single-fluid lithographic system, in which ink and water are mixed in a compact unit on the press, fed into the inking roller tram, and then separated at the last roller of the inking train with a shearing action that allows image and nonimage areas to take up ink and water in the normal way.
The anilox inking roller has a 500 cell count - on the high side among flexo newspapers.
It allows printers to print offset quality without having the need to master ink key control, to check inking rollers, and to fight against ghost images.
Tenders are invited for Ebonite Inking Rollers Of Po 36 Fb 16 Sheet Fed Offset Machine 1 Ebonite Ink Roller Oscilating Size 965 X 42X 76.
6 - utensils: cutter blades, strips, squares, compasses, normographe uppercase and lowercase letters, cushions brown knives, sharp blade, oblique blade knives, knives with handles flu, aluminum slats, wooden slats, plastic slats, stumps, serrated scissors, embroidery scissors, seamstress scissors, paint rollers, inking rollers .
The Daily News, he explains, had to reposition a couple of its presses' rubber inking rollers, add the PPSI system's copper micrometric rollers (knurled press-speed drums, "wiped" by slower, smaller rollers to suppress streak-causing ink beading, that transfer ink from rail to train), and modify some of the press geometry raising units to install the inker canister underneath because the Newsliner's sideframes are comparatively close together.