inkjet printer

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ink·jet printer

A printer that forms an image by using electromagnetic fields to guide electrically charged ink streams onto the page.
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This is expected to account for about 64% of total inkjet printer sales in Epson.
the subject of the public contract is the supply of a material inkjet printer designed to create thin layers and flat structures from organic and inorganic conductive, Semiconductive and otherwise functional inks by means of piezoelectric inkjet printing.
Epson announced the launch of its high-speed line head Multi-Function monochrome inkjet printer for enterprise printing, the environmentally-friendly WorkForce Enterprise WF-M20590 that prints at ultra-fast speeds of 100 pages per minute (ppm) while reducing impact to the environment when compared to laser printers.
The HP inkjet printer is a compact and easy-to-set-up printer that is perfect for homes, home offices or small enterprises, especially when they are used with the HP Smart App, to ensure business efficiency and seamless operations.
In the art section, the UCJV150-160 inkjet printer with environmentally-friendly UV-curable inks, was used produce wallpaper on display during the exhibition.
12 (ANI): Epson, a digital imaging and printing solutions provider on Monday announced that it has secured 54 percent share in 2017 in the Inkjet printer market, as per a leading research firm.
The MPA106 and MP204 are Apex Microtechnology's newest high power amplifiers targeting the piezeoelectric drive circuits used for inkjet printer heads.
Danvers, MA, August 13, 2017 --( Inkcups' new rotary inkjet printer, The Helix, has made an immense impact in the industrial printing market since its release.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-June 15, 2015-Funai announces KODAK inkjet printer launch
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 15, 2015-Funai announces KODAK inkjet printer launch
The VIAjet L-Series thermal inkjet printer is a cost-effective alternative to thermal transfer and adhesive packaging labels, and industrial marking onto paper, chipboard, corrugated and plastics.
At the moment the results are preliminary and provide proof-of-principle that an inkjet printer can be used to print two types of cells from the retina of adult rats-ganglion cells and glial cells.