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Members of Parliament start voting on the newly-proposed amendments to the 2014 Constitution on Thursday- Egypt Today/Hazem abdel-Samad CAIRO, May 12 (MENA) - The House of Representatives on Sunday approved in principle a draft law on inland navigation. The initial approval followed a review of a report prepared by a joint panel of the parliamentary committees of transport, defense, national security, agriculture, irrigation and legislative and constitutional affairs.
Dr Abbass suggested utilisation waterfront land along the river for commercial and residential purposes and inland navigation through the river to generate economic activity.
and to invoke the grand economic engine of inland navigation.
It is estimated that the cost per tonne per kilometer of moving cargo through the coastal or inland navigation route can be 60 per cent to 80 per cent cheaper than moving the cargo through rail or road.
The rules for gas fuelled vessels have been developed based on a study of the various international requirements such as the European Standard laying down Technical Requirements for Inland Navigation Vessels (Estrin), the IMO IGF Code and consultations with various stakeholders, it said.
Other forms of transport are road, rail, inland navigation, air, and multimodal.
representative to the World Association for Waterborne Transportation Infrastructure Inland Navigation Commission.
Imtiaz Tajwar said that inland navigation had been part of the mandate given to the authority since time of its inception in 1958 yet it could never become a focus in its agenda.
The guidelines - Inland waterway transport and Natura 2000 - sustainable inland waterway development and management in the context of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives' - explain how best to ensure that activities related to inland navigation are compatible with EU environmental policy in general and nature legislation in particular.
It will also broaden the companya[euro](tm)s geographical reach and the scope of its operations through ATICa[euro](tm)s inland navigation activities, the buyer said.
RIS enhance the efficiency of inland navigation using real--time information on every relevant navigation parameter.

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