v. t.1.See Enlighten.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Dan Snyder, CEO of the digital media company inLighten and founder of Dan Snyder Motorsports, bid $1 million for the Viper.
Lighten the Load The InLighten aluminum composite light shelf from Kawneer/Alcoa is an interior extension of the company's curtain wall system, serving to reflect sunlight further into the interior spaces of the building and bounce light onto the ceiling.
DOUG BRAUN is senior vice president of inLighten, a provider of digital signage, interactive kiosks and Web-based content management systems.
DAN SNYDER is president and CEO of inLighten, Clarence, N.Y.
The Halford Co., Harland Financial Solutions, Harte Hanks, Impressions OnHold, Inlighten, Kane Graphical, MapInfo, Mid-America Merchandising, The Morris Group, MPI Coin.
Inlighten's VideoNet system is a full service turnkey private television network used by well over 1,000 financial institutions for branch merchandising, employee communications and training.
Clearly denouncing the Quakers, he proclaimed, "Those that have been inlightened, and have beleeved the Resurrection of the body, and also the eternal Judgement, and then come to question it, and deny it, and say the Judgement day is come, have the spirit of the Antichrist." (45) As with Caffyn, the Quaker tendency of spiritualizing eschatological events infuriated Jeffery.