v. t.1.See Enlist.
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Binn will continue in his role as CEO and founder of luxury lifestyle publication, DuJour magazine as well as chief advisor to Gilt and InList.
The general design of the following sheets is to inlist [sic] Imagination under the banner of Science; and to lead her votaries from the looser analogies, which dress out the imagery of poetry, to the stricter ones, which form the ratiocination of philosophy.
51) The sentence highlighted by Lord Hailes reads 'Ten thousand Croises inlist themselves under the holy banners, and even openly triumph in those parts of their religion, which their adversaries regard as the most reproachful.
The Wali also pledged to compensate those who were affected by the recent riots, he praised at the same time the Khartoum States's citizens for bearing the burden of the recent economic measures, reiterating his intention to proceed with the implementation of the program initiated by the state in addressing the implications of these procedures and has given directives to the People's Committees and the Zakat committees to exert atmost efforts to inlist and identify the poor people that deserve to be supported.
John if it so happens that I never attempt two give you any advise again let me do it now: never inlist in the war.
In many cases, it will connect itself with the pre-existing factions, and will inlist all their animosities, partialities, influence, and interest on one side, or on the other; and in such cases there will always be the greatest danger, that the decision will be regulated more by the comparative strength of parties than by the real demonstrations of innocence or guilt.
This problem is solved by augmenting the inlist to contain the identifiers of all objects directly reachable from a fetched object in addition to the identifier of the fetched object itself.
Outlists are sent to remote servers and used to update their inlists.
White said later, "I have recruited colored men for every colored regiment raised in the north forsaken my church & canvassed the intire north & west urging my people to inlist & have succeded in every instant.
IF INLIST (FF, RFF) AND SUB [underscore] (FF) AND (ORIGIN (FF, 'U') OR (ORIGIN (FF, 'S') OR (ORIGIN (FF, 'C'))
Each justification has two parts, an inlist and an outlist.