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n. Mythology
The chief Sumerian goddess, associated with fertility, the natural world, and war, and later equated with the Babylonian Ishtar.

[Sumerian in-an-ak, lady of the sky : in, variant of nin, lady + an, sky + -ak, genitive suff.]
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Noun1.Inanna - consort of Dumuzi (Tammuz)
Sumer - an area in the southern region of Babylonia in present-day Iraq; site of the Sumerian civilization of city-states that flowered during the third millennium BC
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La sumeria Enjeduana, sacerdotisa y primera poetisa conocida hasta hoy, denota ese temor en algunos pasajes de sus himnos a la diosa Innana. La muerte es una de las grandes preocupaciones y motivos de reflexion en todas las culturas, pues precisamente el terror a la muerte--como asegura Oswald Spengler--es el origen de las lucubraciones metafisicas, que surgen en primer lugar porque el hombre es consciente de ser mortal.
Toronto: Innana Publications and Education Inc., 2007.
10.Rabbana innana amanna faghfir lana dhunuubana wa qinna 'adhaban-Naar
Innana otorga sus favores amorosos al pastor: triunfo de lo urbano sobre lo rural.
Variants of the creation myth, ranging from The Great Vision of Black Elk to the Sumerian Innana cycle, employ images and motifs beyond the common pale of human experience, even as the culture from which they arise clothes them in that "thingness" most familiar to it.
Nas cidades da Mesopotamia e do Egipto, a grande deusa Innana, mais tarde Ishtar, era identificada como uma prostituta e muitas das mulheres que se prostituiam eram conside radas sagradas, detendo uma grande capacidade de influencia nas esferas religiosa, politica e economica, (Roberts, 1996; Ringdal, 2004; Leick, 2008) (5).
Investigation into the deeper implications and parallels that lie behind these two romance marriages of King and Queen and their essential role in the health and stability of the kingdom, as well as of the two people involved, might bring out further interesting roots and beginnings in the origins of the sacred marriage and the association of the feminine with wisdom and mystery; perhaps as far back as the Sumerian mysteries of the sacred marriage between "Innana (goddess of the evening star) [and] Dumuzi (god of vegetation)"--or further (Oelschlaeger 39-40).
The five charities to be supported are the YWCA Canberra, YouthCARE Canberra, Canberra Men's Centre, Innana and Toora Women.
Assim foi com Demeter e Persefone, Afrodite e Adonis, Liriope e Narciso, Cibele e Atis, Semele e Dioniso, Istar e Tammuz e a propria Innana, deusa sumeria que, como as demais, e associada a lua e voluntariamente desce ao reino dos mortos para depois renascer.