Inner plate

(Arch.) the wall plate which lies nearest to the center of the roof, in a double-plated roof.

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Finally, I ask you to look at the inner plate, which contains the key-hole.
25-inch formed door with inner plate, the Force-Deflector Locking System, 1.
Maxilla 1, inner plate with more than two apical pappose setae; outer plate narrow with setal-teeth in 8/3 crown arrangement, setal-teeth large, ST6 and ST7 slender, ST7 slightly displaced from ST6; palp large, with apical robust setae.
Further strengthening to the hull is via a stainless steel inner plate and carbon grid, which should make the Sly 43 a stiff boat for both coastal and offshore racing and passage making.
The main design feature is the patented, integral metatarsal protector: a lightweight, flexible inner plate that protects the wearer's fragile metatarsal bones from impact.
The ramp door inner plate should be PN 12334342 and NSN 9515-01-206-3888.
The outer plate is grounded, while the insulated inner plate is charged.
The primary application area for the new differentials is expected to be front-wheel-drive external applications where the viscous coupling is mounted on the intermediate shaft so that the inner plate adjoining the shaft and the housing is splined to the differential cage.
chengdu ebo welding project bc316_0cn_k&bc316_1cn_kl model side inner plate production line
3 The Two Stands/Pillars Are To Be Fixed Suitably On Inner Plate Of 6 Mm Covered With Velvet Cloth So That The Medal May Not Be Displaced Due To Jerk Or Capsize Condition Of The Box.
Acvppcwv03 For Inner Plate Outer Plate Combined-01 No.