Innocent XI

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Noun1.Innocent XI - Italian pope from 1676 to 1689 whose papacy was marked by the struggle with Louis XIV of France over papal authority over French Catholics; known for saintliness and canonized in 1956 (1611-1689)
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The construction of the current Apostolic Palace started on the 30th of April 1589 during the reign of Pope Sixtus V and it was completed by his successors Pope Urban VII, Pope Innocent XI and Pope Clement VIII.
Instituted in Cuenca, Spain in 1513, Pope Innocent XI made the observance a universal feast in commemoration of the victory of the Christians over the Turks at the Battle of Vienna (Austria) in the year 1683 which was attributed to the powerful intercession of the Holy Mother.
Venerable Mary of Agreda had discourses with the Mother of God, recorded in Ciudad de Dios (City of God), approved first by Pope Innocent XI in 1686 and subsequently by Popes Alexander VIII, Clement IX, and Benedict XIII.
A very moving story, "The Great Plan and the Perpetual Rose" derives much of its power from its traditional source, "The Mystical City of God," by the Venerable Maria de Agreda, approved by Pope Innocent XI. Appealing to all age groups, "The Great Plan and the Perpetual Rose" has at its core the holy Rosary prayer of the Hail Mary, and traditions relating to reciting it and passing it on to future generations.
La congregazione filippina di Como e la musica," Francesco Bustaffa recreates the Como oratory, which came under the protectorship of Cardinal Renedetto Odescalchi, the soon-to-be Pope Innocent XI. The study considers the institution's musical life and the role of music in light of the pope's "manifest inferiority" in the patronage of the arts as contrasted to his immediate predecessors.