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n. pl. Montagnais
1. A member of a Native American people inhabiting an extensive area in Quebec and Labrador.
2. The Algonquian language of the Montagnais and Naskapi.

[Canadian French, from French montagne, mountain; see Montagnard.]


n, pl -gnais (jeɪ; jeɪz) or -gnaises (jeɪz)
1. (Peoples) a member of an Innu people living in Labrador and eastern Quebec
2. (Languages) the Algonquian language of this people
[C18: from French: of the mountain, from montagne mountain]
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And what if the stories could have been related in the true first languages of the authors--Wendat, Innu-aimun, Cree or Algonquin?
Message Sticks provides a rare and welcome glimpse into the Innu-aimun language and way of life through the poetry of Josephine Bacon.
Aboriginal music, mostly Quebec musicians, mostly singing in Innu-aimun
Innu people usually speak French and almost all of them speak their own Innu language which they call Innu-aimun.
The other women acquiesced and all tagged behind me, cackling and babbling in Innu-aimun.
Nous devons a son fils Georges Mestokosho, << frere vrai >> de Serge Bouchard a qui il dedicace cette reedition, ainsi qu'a sa fille Desneiges, l'appui de cette initiative et la traduction des paroles de la langue innue, innu-aimun, a la langue francaise.
Le texte des recits de la premiere edition parait integralement et selon les memes divisions, mis a part certains mots qui sont systematiquement changes ainsi que quelques modifications de style et de l'orthographe des noms en innu-aimun.
With the cooperation between Innu and Inuit students, the Innu language, Innu-aimun, also began to be used in performance with English and Inuktitut, rendering the works of Innuinuit Theatre Company trilingual.
Rudes); "The Process of Spelling Standardization of Innu-Aimun (Montagnais)" (Anne-Marie Baraby); "Maintaining Indigenous Languages in North America: What Can We Learn from Studies of Pidgins and Creoles?
Mani-utenam, Quebec (near Sept-Iles), Aboriginal music, mostly Quebec musicians, mostly singing in innu-aimun
August 2 - 5, 2012 Festival Innu Nikamu Mani-utenam, Quebec (near Sept-Iles) Aboriginal music, mostly Quebec musicians, mostly singing in Innu-aimun www.
The authors make some errors which are not part of the novelization; they describe Bert Blake as "half-Montagnais" and set him among the men speaking Cree among themselves, but Blake was the product of European and Inuit ancestry and would not have spoken that language, though he was fluent in Innu-aimun.