a.1.Not nutritious; not furnishing nourishment.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In its frozen state it was more like strips of galvanized iron, and when a dog wrestled it into his stomach it thawed into thin and innutritious leathery strings and into a mass of short hair, irritating and indigestible.
Some will demand more studies with more subjects to prove that nutrient-dense foods cause healthy gum tissues and that innutritious foods cause unhealthy gum tissues.
We of ten find it as a hygrophilous weed of poorly cultivated fields, moist forest edges, in drainages, in innutritious, calcareous and moist locations, such as ditches, rail embankments and quarries.
After decades of surrendering to popular demand, a new trend of working to deter student appeal for fried, convenient, and altogether innutritious foods has emerged.
Their consumption pattern will constitute of mostly innutritious items such as fatty foods and starches, which add to the reasons for the higher hypertension in this cohort than that for the population of Jamaica.
The superrich may have access to the green technologies filtering air and water to themselves and to their offspring who might have to be conceived through the new reproductive technologies, while the poor continue suffering from life in toxic waste zones, existing on food that is innutritious. In a world where a billion people don't live in adequate housing, the parking garages for new hybrid cars attached to single-family houses is far better housing than many may every experience.