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n.1.Agency; influence; production of effects.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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KARACHI: Sindh Governor Imran Ismail on Tuesday said that the role of Frontier Constabulary (FC) is important in maintaining peace and the sacrifices rendered by its personnel inoperation against terrorism can never be forgotten.
The new segment of the passenger terminal for international flights is opening in June 2018; multi-level car parking in front of the terminal has just been put inoperation adding 1,500 parking spaces and the new runway construction is due to be completed within a few months.
At all times a speed reduction to50mph, with safety cameras inoperation, will be in place.
Inscriptions on the Porta Praenestina indicate that Vespasian (AD 9-79) and Titus (AD 39-81) repaired the aqueduct shortly after its completion, in AD 71, after a nine-year period of inoperation. Furthermore, Hadrian (AD 76138) and the Severan dynasty carried out later restorations.
There were many, many Soviet and monarchy era factories in various degrees of operation or inoperation. In the years to come there will be no shortage of work for the wrecking ball and demolition teams.
In simple terms it's refined to drive,light in weight,hugely fuel efficient and quiet inoperation.
In both of them female characters are relegated to inert inoperation, "figuring as helpless, parasitic embellishments to a masculine genre" (Roberts 1997: 62).
Since the retrenchment of a large number of crews due to inoperation of a large number of trawlers there has been the onslaught on the juvenile shrimps.
Ore from underground is treated at the Pompora treatment plant which has been inoperation since 1947.