phytic acid

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phy·tic acid

An antioxidant compound, C6H18O24P6, found abundantly in seeds and the bran of grain, that is the principal storage form of phosphorus in plants. Phytic acid is a strong chelator of calcium, zinc, and other minerals, and diets based on foods high in phytic acid, such as unrefined flour, can cause mineral deficiencies unless it is broken down by the sprouting of the seeds or by fermentation. Also called inositol hexakisphosphate.

[phyt(in), salt of phytic acid (from German Phytin : phyto-, phyto- + -in, -in) + -ic.]
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Irv also recommended a soy extract called genistein, a vegetable extract called inositol hexaphosphate, and colostrum, an antibody-rich secretion of the bovine mammary gland produced at the time of birth.
Inositec, a company that is engaged in the development of life-saving small molecule drugs based on inositol hexaphosphate, has completed a USD1.
Interest is growing for inositol hexaphosphate (InsP6), a natural occurring polyphosphorylated carbohydrate contained in high-fiber diets and present in mammalian cells, and for its role in cancer prevention as well as control of experimental tumour growth, progression, and metastasis [127].
Cancer inhibition by inositol hexaphosphate (ip6) and inositol: From laboratory to clinic.
Natural Defense contains an immune-boosting blend of vitamin C, selenium, inositol hexaphosphate (IP-6) and Immuno-LP20.
The study compared mice fed with of inositol hexaphosphate (IP6), a major component of high-fiber diets, to control mice that were not.
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Via a variety of mechanisms, pterostilbene inhibits breast cancer in vitro; inhibits lung cancer by inducing apoptosis; inhibits the growth of melanoma in vitro by itself but synergistically inhibits melanoma growth combined with inositol hexaphosphate (with greater effectiveness than either agent alone); and inhibits tumor invasion by liver cancer cells.

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