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1. (Computer Science) the data or information that is passed into or out of a computer. Abbreviation: I/O
2. (Computer Science) (modifier) concerned with or relating to such passage of data or information



the combination of devices, channels, and techniques controlling the transfer of information between a CPU and its peripherals.
Abbr.: I/O


[ˌɪnpʊtˈaʊtput] (COMPUTING)
nentrée/sortie f
modif [system] → d'entrée/sortie
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The RS-485 Input/Output Module provides additional capacity for Kantech door controllers (up to 62 modules per), such as the KT-1 and KT-400, beyond the traditional confines of 16 or 32 modules per controller.
During the experiment, the input/output module continually reads the analog parameters of the station (level, spending and pressure) and transmits their values to the Simulink model, where they are recorded for further analysis.
The real-time embedded virtual soft front panel simplifies setup and software debug operations by providing visual indication of input/output states without the use of external software.
The new feature with LVDS input/output achieves superior noise tolerance and high-speed data transmission for long distance.
(JASDAQ: 6769) said it has announced a motor driver product, THM3561, with input/output of low voltage differential signaling (LVDS).
* A STMicroelectronics STMPE821 8-channel general purpose input/output (GPIO) capacitive touch key controller IC.
Video input/output: BNC 8-channel Input and 1-channel BNC Output and 1-channel VGA Output; VGA Resolution: 1024x768, 1280x1024
SC2 communicates internally with the compressor via input/output modules that are tailored with differing inputs, outputs and floating contacts to meet the specific needs of the various compressor ranges.
In the present study, we have explored the use of a linear input/output model to represent the performance of a range of water heater types over a wide load range.
Expert I/O 1000 is a simple-to-use input/output control module that supports automated testing, processing, single and distributed machine control, and classroom learning.
The new 88-pin microcontroller, which includes 42 inputs, 32 outputs and two CAN 2.0B ports, is designed for off-highway mobile machinery designs requiring a large number of input/output (I/O) connections in a concentrated space.
These are the CPU 319F-3 PN/DP from the Simatic $7-300 range and the EM 4 F-DI / 3 F-DO input/output module of the ET 200S I/O system.

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