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a.1.(Math.) Capable of being inscribed, - used specif. (Math.) of solids or plane figures capable of being inscribed in other solids or figures.
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From the perspective of governmentality studies, performance measurement appears as a key technique of neoliberal governance that enables the activities of widely dispersed actors to be "made inscribable and comparable in numerical form, in figures that can be transported to centres of calculation, aggregated, related, plotted over time, represented in league tables, judged against national averages, and utilized for future decisions about the allocation of contracts and budgets" (Rose, 1999: 153; Larner and Le Heron 2004).
HM King: Accomplishment an honourable feat for Bahrain, inscribable by history in shiny lettering.
While I applaud efforts to make the writing center feel comfortable to students, the "cozy home" narrative discussed in the book is suspect and perhaps problematic, as writing centers like my own develop flexible, active-learning spaces, visually inscribable areas, and resources that facilitate collaboration, spaces that resemble tech startups more than "cozy homes.
A polytope is called inscribable if it is combinatorially equivalent to a polytope that has all its vertices on a sphere.
If this were not already apparent, the K-Z number forcefully iterates the Jewish body as an inscribable margin.
The body is often construed as a blank, inscribable surface on which power relations are written.
but these are the maximum measurements; the inscribable surface seems to be no larger than c.