v. i.1.To be of use to an end; to serve.
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Our organisation represents this emerging group of suppliers who are focused on building and operating client operations using an innovative incubation model called Global InServe.
Arun DeSouza, Manager, Global Service Assurance and Chief Information Security Officer, Inergy Automotive Systems: led a two-phase infrastructure project called INSERVE at Inergy, during which he managed a global Active Directory implementation across 40 sites on time and under-budget and deployed Packeteer QoS devices across Inergy's global enterprise.
AutomotiveFocus is the only company in its industry providing i-Vantage's unique InServe Solution that allows companies to easily open and scale subsidiaries in India, without requiring a substantial initial capital commitment.
Any automotive related company looking to outsource any of its support services, such as a call center, or who regularly performs in-house IT support and software development, should evaluate i-Vantage's unique InServe model," said Tom Adams, managing partner of AutomotiveFocus.
XiB Inc, the newly formed company is the first and only company in Canada to offer the InServe solution that allows companies to easily open subsidiaries in India, without requiring a substantial initial capital commitment.
I-Vantage's Global InServe development solution will enable Acuma to achieve its growth objectives and maintain its competitive advantage.
Strong demand from small businesses for Global InServe, i-Vantage's unique outsourcing solution, resulted in Q1 earnings that far surpassed the quarter's targeted expectations.
a Boston-based provider of IT-enabled solutions, today announced its newest Global InServe facility in India.
and PDI InServe, of Upper Saddle River, NJ, for the sales, marketing and clinical support functions that had been assumed by Novartis under a previous agreement.
Bennett is a member of the Board of Directors of InServe Corporation, Inc.
com, the application services provider (ASP) and application services outsourcer (ASO) subsidiary of InServe Corporation, has implemented Metagon's DQbroker(R) and DQview(R).