Inside Passage

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In·side Passage

 (ĭn′sīd′) also Inland Passage
A natural protected waterway extending about 1,600 km (1,000 mi) from Puget Sound to Skagway, Alaska. It threads through the Alexander Archipelago and is known for its snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, and glaciers.

In′side Pas′sage

a sheltered sea route extending from Seattle, Washington, to Skagway, Alaska.
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Noun1.Inside Passage - a naturally protected waterway from Seattle to Skagway in southeastern Alaska
British Columbia - a province in western Canada
AK, Alaska, Last Frontier - a state in northwestern North America; the 49th state admitted to the union; "Alaska is the largest state in the United States"
Evergreen State, WA, Washington - a state in northwestern United States on the Pacific
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You'll take the Inside Passage to see glaciers, gorges, waterfalls, forests and lakes.
Offered on 23 Alaska departures of HAL's 14-day "Great Land CruiseTour #5" this year, the dynamic combination of golfing, cruising the Inside Passage, and exploring the wonders of Alaska and the Yukon Territory offers a truly unique experience.
The company is producing only 450 cases of the beer, which is being released in celebration of the bicentennial of Captain Vancouver's Inside Passage expedition.
This small town, on the northern tip of Wrangelllsland in the Alaska Panhandle, is a common stop for cruise ships heading through the Inside Passage May through September.
Two of the lineOs four Alaska itineraries -- the Glacier Bay Highlights cruise and the AlaskaOs Inside Passage cruise -- spend two nights in Glacier Bay.
Inside Passage cruises stick to the panhandle or southeastern region.
Currently, two-thirds of all Alaska cruise travelers choose an itinerary that ply the waters of the state's famous Inside Passage, located in Southeast Alaska.
For example, the Celebrity Mercury will depart Sundays roundtrip from Vancouver, calling at Sitka, Juneau and Ketchikan, and cruising the Inside Passage.
Currently the line sails Alaska on six- to nine-night Inside Passage cruises.