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The inside finish is cushioned, with a sheep skin-covered insole and lining to help feet breath and stay cool and dry.
or other material inserted into clothing.." "Linings provide a neat inside finish and conceal interfacing, padding, the raw edges of seams, and other construction details.
The inside finish is one of decent quality within a cabin which is well finished with a two-tier dashboard which presents its row of switches in logical fashion, a further quality to add to its entertaining performance.
A local newspaper of the time described the boat as embodying "all the comforts of the modern yacht" with a mahogany-dressed deck and inside finish. The green of the lower hull and the white top sides are still visible, as are the two gasoline engines located amidships.
The inside finish toolpath is created with contour and pocket toolpaths generated with "radius in" and "radius out" entry and exit, and a 10-percent overlap to minimize tool marks.
The inside finish was made of two layers of .05 in.