Insidious disease

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(Med.) a disease existing, without marked symptoms, but ready to become active upon some slight occasion; a disease not appearing to be as bad as it really is.

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References in classic literature ?
She was from New England, and knew well the first guileful footsteps of that soft, insidious disease, which sweeps away so many of the fairest and loveliest, and, before one fibre of life seems broken, seals them irrevocably for death.
Let's hope her call for quicker diagnoses and more funding for new forms of treatment against this insidious disease on the NHS doesn't fall on deaf ears.
There is no other major sport where you can officiate from home, and golf finally did the right thing and eliminated that possibility with a Monday announcement that has killed this insidious disease forever.
New approaches to preventing this insidious disease are imperative, including in the post-surgical setting which can be an unsuspecting gateway to prescription pain medicine abuse and beyond.
WLBP secretary Moss Jones said: "Sheep scab is a highly insidious disease which has significant welfare implications for infected sheep.
My goal was to combine my passion for online gaming with my commitment to helping people who suffer from this insidious disease.
It is a complicated, insidious disease that exists far more than we allow ourselves to know.
The Palaszczuk Governments focus has always been to eradicate this insidious disease that does not belong in the 21st century, Dr Lynham said.
She said,"It has been described as insidious disease as it startles the patient with challenges that must be positively dealt with in order to overcome severe health complications.
Combining Novira's recent breakthroughs with our vast experience in viral diseases we endeavor to deliver novel medicines for patients suffering from this insidious disease.
At the core of the study are numbers that speak loudly to how inaccurate and misguided government efforts are in tackling the insidious disease.
Carlo Montagner said Multiple myeloma remains relatively rare, but it is an insidious disease with one of the lowest survival rates in oncology.