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Noun1.Inspector Maigret - a fictional detective in novels by Georges Simenon
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Tampoco se puede obviar la segunda variante de la novela policiaca a la que se vincula esta serie, la denominada "psicologica costumbrista", que tiene en las historias de Simenon, protagonizadas por el inspector Maigret, su principal referente en el ambito de la literatura universal, y a Plinio de Garcia Pavon en el ambito nacional.
Inspector Maigret (Rowan Atkinson) may be the most gentlemanly detective in Europe, but his job takes him to some seedy places.
It's hard Bean an inspector MAIGRET STV, 9pm BLACKADDER or Bean are the first names that spring to mind when you see Rowan Atkinson.
Chief Inspector Maigret comes under huge pressure from the public and his superiors to apprehend the killer before he can strike again.
4 GEORGES SIMENON'S INSPECTOR MAIGRET MYSTERIES Penguin Classics has begun reissuing Simenon's seventy-five Maigret novels.
Maigret Box Set 7 (6 DVDs, 541 min.) and Maigret Box Set 8 (6 DVDs, 533 min.) are two box sets showcasing episodes of the French film series featuring Parisian Inspector Maigret, superbly played by actor Bruno Cremer.
It's a Gallic mystery that would confound author Georges Simenon's much-loved Parisian cop, Inspector Maigret.
Simenon is best known for his creation Inspector Maigret, the star of 84 of the author's 220 novels.
If Britain is interesting because of political psychodramas, France is welcome as a childhood dream where Inspector Maigret pursues Zazie, to the chansons of Juliette Greco, with lyrics by Sartre.

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