Instance Court

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(Law) the Court of Admiralty acting within its ordinary jurisdiction, as distinguished from its action as a prize court.

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The creation of the first instance court would cost EUR 1,004,712.
The Kharkiv Appellate Administrative Court confirmed the judgment of the first instance court that the tax notification decisions issued to Poltava Petroleum and contested are illegal and has cancelled them together with the additional tax liability and associated penalties of around UAH9 million, or around USD300,000, JKX Oil & Gas said.
Implementing a law on defrauding the public to the letter, the Greek first instance court initially passed a 15 year jail term on the woman, then reduced it to 10 years on appeal.
SSH Communications Security Corporation (SSH) (HEL:SSH1V), a provider of enterprise cybersecurity solutions that monitor, control, and automate trusted access to critical data, announced on Thursday that the UK Court of Appeal has dismissed SSH's appeal against the first instance court's (High Court of England and Wales) 2017 decision to revoke SSH patent EP (UK) 2 254 311 in the UK.
The Public Prosecution presented during the session a statement in which it expressed its reasons for challenging the first instance court ruling.
The lawyer Nasser Raufi told the INA agency that in this case, the appeal procedure will be followed and the final decision of the second instance court is expected.
According to the lawyer, his client was allegedly not assigned a translator during police interrogation and in the first instance court. He requested that his client be cleared of the charges.
The verdicts, which included unspecified fines, were issued by the First Instance Court in Madinah.
Sameeh Ibrahim Rajab was sentenced to one month in prison and fined BD500 by a first instance court on charges of insulting the minister.
However, the second instance court judged that there was evidence, and if released the two could commit another offense.
The First Instance Court found him guilty and he was sentenced to a year in jail to be followed by deportation.