Instance Court

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(Law) the Court of Admiralty acting within its ordinary jurisdiction, as distinguished from its action as a prize court.

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The victim's family appealed to the Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi which has cancelled the appeal court ruling and upheld the verdict by the first instance court.
The First Instance Court had found the accused guilty on all counts - of wearing an abaya [to disguise his identity], driving a car without a number plate and raping and strangling the boy with a rope.
Sameeh Ibrahim Rajab was sentenced to one month in prison and fined BD500 by a first instance court on charges of insulting the minister.
TAP) -- The public prosecutor at the Tunis First Instance Court on Thursday ordered the opening of six pre-trial investigations against 26 individuals involved in the night troubles that erupted in recent days.
On July 10, 2017, the first instance court sentenced Rajab to two years in prison for "spreading false news" in television interviews, in which he spoke about human rights violations in the country.
However, the second instance court judged that there was evidence, and if released the two could commit another offense.
The 28-year-old man was originally sentenced by the First Instance Court to one year imprisonment but the Public Prosecution appealed the sentence and won their appeal.
Schettino, 56, was found guilty of manslaughter, causing multiple injuries, abandoning ship and other serious crimes by a first instance court in February 2015.
The supreme court of Malaysia, met yesterday, November 21, 2016 to hear the appeal of Cypriot nationals Mehmet Ucaner Oktay and Muhammet Osman, against the death penalty imposed on them by the first instance court following their arrest for possession and drug trafficking," a statement from the foreign ministry said.
The First Instance Court refused to allow doctors to examine Abdullah and I repeat the request now.
On Wednesday, 05 October 2016, Khan Younis First Instance Court issued a death sentence against a woman, setting a precedent in the history of the Palestinian Judiciary.
On June 28, they brought him before the First Instance Court of Sidi Mhamed in Algiers, where an investigative judge ordered his detention for "offending the president" and "defaming a public authority" under articles 144bis and 146 of the penal code.