n.1.See Instructor.
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Thy words Attentive, and with more delighted eare Divine instructer, I have heard, then when Cherubic Songs by night from neighbouring Hills Aereal Music send: nor knew I not To be both will and deed created free; Yet that we never shall forget to love Our maker, and obey him whose command Single, is yet so just, my constant thoughts Assur'd me and still assure: though what thou tellst Hath past in Heav'n, som doubt within me move, But more desire to hear, if thou consent, The full relation, which must needs be strange, Worthy of Sacred silence to be heard; And we have yet large day, for scarce the Sun Hath finisht half his journey, and scarce begins His other half in the great Zone of Heav'n.
Instructer Biziewski said of the club's success: "I did not expect as many medals as we did.
Coincidentally, both Brathwaite and Doris express suspicion of scholarly types: Brathwaite names the 'Schoole-master of folly' as the 'experienced instructer to lust, harbourer of illimited desires, and consequently harbenger to the Divell'.
Her career also includes massage therapist, hypnosis therapist, reflexologist, dowsing instructer, practitioner/healer at the Ozark Research Institute, and professional clown.
The innovations of the sons of Lamech--Cain's descendant--Jubal, 'the father of all such as handle the harp and organ', and Tubal-Cain, 'an instructer of every articifer in brass and iron' (Gen.
RETREAT: At the new cabin (from left) Graham Kensett, district team manager, instructer Nicola Brown, Helen Oakley from Marriott Hotel and Lisa and Kathleen Judge Picture: WILL BINNS; D27291
Collins, were thought unbearable: "A person well skilled in graceful and classic, steps, and unacquainted with figures, would certainly make a ridiculous appearance, beside confusing others in the set" (Ball-room Instructer [sic] 6).
Former platoon instructer Lance Corporal Gus Macdonald told us: "I tried to knock him into shape and give him some self- confidence.
45) When William Beeston was sworn in after his father's death, the title was expanded to 'Gouuernor & Instructer of the Kings & Queens young Company of Actors' (Malone Society Collections, 2.