n.1.Lack of submission; disobedience; noncompliance.
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A final conclusion, "Reading Poetry, Reading Celan," attempts to draw out the benefits of this approach for challenging critical orthodoxy and reading Celan in a new way, but also for reading poetry more broadly "in an attempt to restore to the reading of poetry something of its original extension and wildness, of its essential insubmission and unpredictability" (225).
Engendering Dissonance and Resistance in Popular Music," by Nancy Bottner; "Exploring New Ways of Insubmission in Social Representation," by Grup de Lesbianes Feministes; "The Role of the Role: Women as Prisoners or Prisoners as Women?" by Faidra Papadimiotriou; "Women at the Margins: Me, Borderline Personality Disorder and Women at the Margins," by Clare Shaw; "Becoming a Psychologist: Professionalism, Feminism, Activism," by Jane Callaghan; "When Faith and Good Will Is Not Enough: Researcher Positions in Interactive Research with School Children," by Tina Jensen; "Housewives, Maids, Cleaning Ladies and Caregivers in General: Care in the Communication Continuum," by Precarias a la Deriva.