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Ebrauk assures Henry (to whom he has just given the keys of the city) 'Nevir to this citie to presume no pretence / But holly I remytte it to your governaunce'; he goes on to request 'your great grace gif not your ye / Only to this citie of insufficience / But graciously considre ther wille and diligence' and confirms that 'For your blod this citie made never digression / as recordeth by the great hurte for blode of your excellence'.
In the current conditions of Vietnam, due to the insufficience of both land and sea gravity data, the determination of the best fitting geopotential value [W.
For Archidamus, the prospect of Camillo visiting his home of Bohemia is embarrassing, as "our entertainment shall shame us; we will be justified in our loves" and, to counter this shame, he will "give you sleepy drinks, that your senses, unintelligent of our insufficience, may, though they cannot praise us, as little accuse us" (1.