v. t.1.See Entangle.
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GRAFICA XXX DESGLOSE DE LOS TRES GRANDES CONCEPTOS TANGIBLES, INTANGIBLES IDENTIFICABLES Y FONDO DE COMERCIO UK Tangible Assets 30% Identifiable Intangle Assets 17% Goodwill 53% US Tangible Assets 24% Identifiable Intangle Assets 28% Goodwill 48% ROW Tangible Assets 21% Identifiable Intangle Assets 32% Goodwill 47% CON RELACION A LA DESCRIPCION O DESGLOSE DEL FONDO DE COMERCIO UK No description 57% Limited description 15% Good description 28% ROW No description 53% Limited description 16% Good description 31% PROPORCION DE LOS ACTIVOS INTANGIBLES IDENTIFICABLES UK Identifiable Intangibles 37% Goodwill 63% US Identifiable Intangibles 35% Goodwill 65% ROW Identifiable Intangibles 32% Goodwill 68% Nota: Tabla derivada de grafico segmentado
1669) (recording that "many penal laws obsolete, and in time grown apparently impossible, or inconvenient to be performed, remained as snares, whereupon the Relator, Informer or Promooter did vex and intangle the Subject").
John Dickenson links sirens and crocodiles in a passage on gluttony and lechery in Greene in Conceipt (1598): 'they having Sirens tongues and Crocodile teares, thereby entic'd him to intangle him, and prevailed'.
TXT, line 294833, also allegedly Stedman One square plus five variations, and one square akin to FEASTINGS above: GLEMARECI Pseudolaophonte glemareci paraminuta, ITISa LAMINARAN OED EMANATIST Emantist, OED MINIROSEA Ocenebra minirosea atlantica, ITISa ANARCOTIN Web2 RATOONING OED ratoon ERISTICAL OED CASEINASE an exoenzyme, common on Web; or CASEINATE Web2 INTANGLED or INTANGLES or INTANGLER, OED entangle, verb IEASTINGS Shakes.