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n. Informal
A preamplifier.


(Electronics) informal a short form of preamplifier



a preamplifier.
[1955–60; by shortening]
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Naim's audiophile history can be pinned to a few key products like its first integrated amplifier, the NAIT, which it introduced in 1983; the Naim Audio NAP 500 power amplifier, which broke cover in 2000; the all-in-one Uniti player which made its debut in 2009; the GBP125,000 ($164,000) engineering breakthrough of the Statement Amplifiers in 2014 and more recently the launch of Mu-So line which was Naim's first wireless music system.
The integrated amplifier is optimally matched to the photodiode and allows compact setups, as well as very large signal-to-noise ratios.
Featuring an integrated amplifier component for less distortion, plush on-ear cushions and lightweight metal headbands for extra comfort, and a 10-hour battery life, this one's all about acoustics and functionality.
In the antenna array, each antenna is driven by its own broadband integrated amplifier. The coupler and two power meters are all brought together in one compact instrument.
It introduces measuring devices, data loggers, DAQ cards, all-in-one measurement systems (with integrated amplifier technology), and digital I/O hardware with different performance levels.
A new Linear Motor that brings significant benefits to systems designers and machine builders that is claimed to be the first ever tubular linear motor with an integrated amplifier and controller has been introduced by Dunkermotoren.
I've got the whole shebang now, turntable (German), integrated amplifier (Japanese) and speakers (British, thank goodness).
With built-in speakers, an integrated amplifier, and two USB ports, Dual User input, and ActivInspire Professional Edition, the ActivBoard 300 Pro transforms the classroom into a 360-degree educational environment.The ActivBoard 300 is the perfect upgradable platform.
Stephen Lee ( is a Senior Applications Engineer with the Integrated Amplifier Products Group at Analog Devices.
* A composition made up of an integrated amplifier, 1.5-axis controller, a dual-loop option board and motor.
MDE-37 series modular light detectors with integrated amplifier are designed as an OEM part configured to end-user specifications for UV, visible or near infrared optical radiation monitoring applications.

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