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n.1.See Intendant, n.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Look at Henry the Eight; this 'n 's a Sunday-school Super- intendent to HIM.
oh!" murmured the intendent, with surprise, "who is yonder?
He said: "I have been reassured by the supernot intendent he has adequate resources to deal with the current feud.
Superby intendent Sandy Blair said: "My thoughts are very much with Phil, his wife Kelly and his family.
Here are three tips for success in making sure your project-based workforce is properly classified as intendent contractors:
COTTAGE GROVE - A third employee group in the South Lane School District is calling for an independent investigation into whether longtime district SuperAaAeAeA intendent Krista Parent was the author of an anonymous, handAaAeAeA wri letter sent in August that "slanders and harasses" a district employee.
The number of those opposed was the highest it has been since Gallup began polling in 1999, when the percentage of Americans against an intendent Palestine state was just 26 percent.
Central area command super intendent David Felton said the raids would continue this week.
There is dire need for an intendent center to meet development needs and train national cadres, she said.
Senior Super Intendent Police (SSP) Investigation Rana Ayaz had verified the arrest of suspect Tooba two days ago.
Detective Chief Super" intendent Danny Long,head of West Midlands Police's public protection unit, said: "We are duty bound to act proportionately to the threat the men currently pose to the girl and possibly others.