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n.1.One who intends.
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We have had tremendous success with our V12 Signals solution for Auto and Retail and our automotive aftermarket represents the next exciting evolution of our proprietary suite of intender solutions.
This happens even with intender not being aware of the process of image security applied on the image.
The Business demands, interaction from a dynamic environment beyond the internal network, which imposes various threats and so the businesses has to ensure and safeguard not only its information database but also customer's critical investments from malicious intender on the Internet.
The intender maintained at this exact position for 60 s, and then withdrew to its initial position at a speed of (1000 [+ or -] 100) mm/min.
As shown in Figure 2, the ESA bars are concentrated to the left of the x-axis, in the four intender groups, indicating that over two-thirds of ESA women intend to use, compared to just over 40 percent of WCA women.
In ideal case, intender, with significantly higher hardness than wearing surface hardness, scratching softer surface and leaves mirror trace (grove), Fig.
Another feature is that keeping the intender at a fixed load results in a bigger creep in the latex coating compared to the coating containing silica nanoparticles.
Currently, handheld computerised soft tissue stiffness meters are available, which measure the soft tissue stiffness in the form of the instantaneous force by which the tissue resists the constant deformation produced by a cylindrical intender (15).
It is a question that can only be formulated in terms of an asker, a point of reference, and an intender and that consequently can be intelligible only in human terms.
Che per li capi di questo Consiglio sia fatto intender alli Nobili huomini s Alvise Tron, et filgioli fur de s.
El que la diferencia haya salido del espacio quiere decir que cesa de ser esta indistincion, que, pasada su paralisis, es para si en toda su inquietud, que es el sujeto del mero intender en que le hemos visto caer.
The psychological dependence of Gerald on Sara became an invented thing used by Fitzgerald inTender is the Night , where Nicole depends on Dick Diver for everything.