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Noun1.interbank loan - a loan from one bank to another
bank loan - a loan made by a bank; to be repaid with interest on or before a fixed date
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Judge Nolan said none of the men had gained from the scheme and that there was no loss to the State or the banks as the inter-bank loans cancelled each other out.
The financial sector is the fifth with 85.7bln AMD (66.7bln AMD being inter-bank loans), which is 0.9% more than in Nov
A new form of securities, Negotiable Certificates of Deposit (NCDs), which allows banks to convert surplus deposits that they would otherwise deposit at the NBC for a negligible interest rate into securities that they can readily sell or use as collateral for inter-bank loans has been launched by the National Bank of Cambodia ( NBC).
Short-term inter-bank loans and deposits of up to 100,000 [euro] are also excluded, which corresponds to double the assets of the median household in Europe's biggest economy.
Secular critics in Istanbul say PM Erdo?an had financed a "consumer bubble" with a huge trade deficit financed by short-term inter-bank loans. The consumer boom has ended.

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