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n.1.A world between other worlds.
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In this satisfying conclusion to the mesmerizing Interworld series, readers will find themselves feverishly rereading chapters in order to follow a compelling plot line.
Although the name of Neil Gaiman is prominent on the cover, to me the style does not read as might be expected from familiarity with his usual range of writing; it is a sequel to Interworld from the same team.
Alas Interworld is no purification for entrance to Heaven; it is barren gruesome and ruled by Reapers corpse-like wraiths with mouths filled with "rows of black teeth.
InterWorld Corp has unveiled plans to release its next generation business-to-business e-commerce application suite in 3Q'2000.
InterWorld Corp and Informatica have formed a strategic alliance to create a powerful e-commerce analytics system.
Electronic commerce technology provider InterWorld Corp.
Cisco Systems Inc has formed an alliance with e-commerce software vendor InterWorld which will see the two companies offering a joint e-commerce package aimed at large manufacturers, distributors and retailers on the internet.
Florists Gail Ashworth and Tracey Worthington, from Floral Interworld in Lawford Road, teamed up with pal Tina Buckley to collect more than Pounds 100 for the children's cancer care charity Edward's Trust.
Alas, Interworld is no purification for entrance to Heaven; it is barren, gruesome, and ruled by Reapers, corpse-like wraiths with mouths filled with "rows of black teeth.
InterWorld Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding with Commerce One Inc that will see the companies execute a definitive business agreement within 30 days for the demonstration of an integrated solution in 2Q2000.
New members are Andre Durand, Ping Identity; Bowen Bradbury, Docu Vault; Cameron Mochan, The CRUX Company; Carl Towner, Fastlane; Chuck Jonz (aka David Jones), Suite 152; Dan McVaugh, ATECS, LLC; Dave Jermott, Cornice INC; David Kahn, InterDyn CO; Doug Haeussner, The Duck Company; Jason Maples, Strategic Financial; Jeffrey Cohen, Cohn Marketing; Jessica Schulze, Square One Financial; Jim Grinney, 90 Octane; Kirk Holland, Vista Ventures; Kriss Bergethon, Colorado Pipe and Concrete; Marty Soudani, WizBang Solutions; Mary Beth Emerson, Helmet Headz; Matthew Madeiros, Institute of Wealth Management; Michael Lindenbaum, Eflection, INC; Robert Ralston, BSD Group; Russell Lundstrom, Interworld Translations; Sam Eidson, 90 Octane; and Scott Davis, Eyeris.
In addition to heading up his own agency, he has held positions as director of communications for Lincoln Financial Distributors, vice president of marketing communications for InterWorld Corp.