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n.1.A world between other worlds.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Providing an interesting example of this which also connects with the experience of Subject R, Begag (Conley, 2012) draws attention to North Africans living in an interworld between Paris and their lives back home.
Amid schizes and fluxes of the cosmogenesis, a nondimensional point, an in-between, an interworld. Yet if technology is an ordering of the world which conceals man's essential relation to oneself, does not Heidegger begin to sound one-dimensionally Ludditic?
Although the name of Neil Gaiman is prominent on the cover, to me the style does not read as might be expected from familiarity with his usual range of writing; it is a sequel to Interworld from the same team.
There was Websplit, creator of a web browser; Interworld, a former ecommerce software provider; and, most recently, Torry Harris Business Solutions, a software solutions provider and the only survivor of the bunch.
Interworld Steel Banten Billet--65,000 Name of company Investment Start-up (US$ million) year Investment in factories: PT.
O (2002): Automation in Agricultural libraries in Nigeria; an overview, Interworld Journal of Management and Development Studies, volume 1, number 1.
Nonetheless, such a solution seems to furnish only a relatively thin notion of the Third unless it is supplemented by what Diana Coole (2001) calls the 'ontology of the interworld.' An ontology of the interworld rethinks the plurality of subjects and the sphere of the political in terms of intersubjectivity by drawing attention to the complex interplay of interiority and exteriority in collective life and the multiple struggles for coexistence in 'the thick, adverse space between subjects' (Coole 2001: 25-6).
Alas Interworld is no purification for entrance to Heaven; it is barren gruesome and ruled by Reapers corpse-like wraiths with mouths filled with "rows of black teeth." Reapers periodically grab inhabitants and drag them into the abyss of the damned.
I shall assume what I call "the assumption of interworld reference", that is, that when a name is used in a certain possible world--let's suppose for simplicity that this is the actual world--it may refer to objects also in other possible worlds.
(33) Interworld Radio (IWR) provides a similar service to Indymedia using the web to distribute sound based information aimed at making "a difference to people's lives by giving them access to information, stimulating debate, and improving communication".
Culture and community are based on a human "interworld," a "world of shared meaning which transcends individual consciousness" (Crossley, 1996, pp.
Ariba has also established partnerships with sell-side solution companies, including InterWorld and CardoNet, and supply chain management companies, such as IBM and I2Technologies.