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a.1.(Anat.) Between alveoli; as, the interalveolar septa between adjacent air cells in the lungs.
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Tomographic analysis of the interalveolar space and thickness of the vestibular cortical bone in the parasymphyseal region of adult human mandibles.
The alveoli were infiltrated by neutrophils, lymphocytes, and macrophages; the microthrombus was formatted and neutrophils were aggregated in the capillaries; the alveoli were edematous and filled with protein liquid; the interalveolar septum was thickened by infiltration of inflamed cells [Figure 6]a,[Figure 6]b,[Figure 6]c,[Figure 6]d.
Accuracy and reliability of the dental radiography in depicting the interalveolar medial foramina on 28 dry mandibles was tested in this study.
Beginning in the perivascular stroma, the infiltrate may spread into the adjacent interalveolar septa and, subsequently, into the alveoli.
Pulmonary emphysema is defined anatomically by destruction of interalveolar septae and loss of lung tissue and overlaps only partially with COPD.
It has characteristic large teeth, separated by narrow interalveolar spaces.
The lung section showed severe congestion of interalveolar capillaries and its alveoli also showed presence of pinkish fluid mixed with intact erythrocytes.
Besides, thin interalveolar septae between the adjacent alveoli was lined by spindle shaped pneumocytes type I and rounded shaped pneumocytes type II (Figure-2).
viviparous new hatched larvae in alveoli and ruptured interalveolar septae were observed in lungs of both cattle and buffaloes (Fig.
3, 4), and pulmonary interalveolar septal capillaries (Fig.
O tecido conjuntivo interalveolar mostra infiltracao linfocitaria, macrofagos, neutrofilos e eosinofilos (36, 60, 61).
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